GeoStar is dedicated to producing the most affordable, efficient, and environmentally friendly geothermal heat pumps available. We know the importance of every dollar you put into your home and believe in the preservation of natural resources. We work hard every day to improve the affordability, efficiency, and environmentally friendliness of our systems – on top of that, we work hard every day to do the right thing in our manufacturing and office facility as well.

GeoPro is the worldwide leader in the supply of bentonite-based thermal grouts for GSHP applications. We have maintained this designation for more than a decade because of our uncompromising commitment to the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers.  Grout Volume Calculator

For over 25 years Geo-Flo Products Corporation has been building high quality products and strong relationships with our customers. We are the geothermal heating and cooling industry’s leading manufacturer of geothermal loop pump modules. Design Calculators

B & D Mfg., Inc.’s mission is to bring geothermal innovation to the forefront of green energy. Our goal is to utilize non-pressurized products, while meeting all geothermal product needs. We strive to always have the products our distributors need in stock. As one of the leaders in geothermal, B & D plans to grow with the industry and continue to push the industry with creative ideas, quality products, and great distributor service.